May, 2018 – At the annual CYBA board meeting the board of directors decided to restructure the makeup of the CYBA Board of Directors. The board was downsized from 15 representatives, to 5, with flexibility to go to 7 if needed in the future. The intent of the initial board makeup was to have board representation from every grade, for both boys and girls, along with a few at-large positions. Having a board this size made it very difficult to run with efficiency and to find mutually available times for meetings and other duties.

Although we changed the board, we are not abandoning the concept of grade reps. We are still going to have grade reps for each grade (for boys and girls). They will still be your go-to for questions or concerns and will be instrumental in game day setup and cleanup. They just won’t have as much administrative commitment and they won’t be voting members of the board. Each representative will be assigned a board member as their go-to for bringing any questions/concerns/feedback to the boards attention.

2018 Board of Directors

Kelly Cruchet – President
Brent Buhr – Vice President
Ryan Peterson – Secretary/Treasurer
Korey Lorenz – K-2 Director
Jami Verkuehlen – At Large

2018 Grade Representatives
3G: Patty Glennon
3B: Beth Nelson
4G: Tony Roth
4B: Derek Flanagan
5G: Ryan Bosse
5B: Cale Lewis
6B: Derek Runck
7B: Shannon Ziemer

Contact a board member or email if you have any questions. Thank you to everyone who volunteers to make this program work. We look forward to the 2018/2019 CYBA season!

– CYBA Board of Directors