Due to recent Central Cass policy changes that limit gym availability on nights that Central Cass is hosting school affiliated events, the CYBA board has made the difficult decision to change course for the 2020 season.

We will no longer be offering weeknight & Sunday practices for this season.  Our efforts are now shifting to put together some form of basketball offering on the 5 Saturdays that we had scheduled as competition days. The exact format along with fee structure is still being worked out.
Since the future fee structure is unknown we have decided to issue full refunds to everyone who has registered to date.  We will re-open a new registration form once the future format is known.
The 5 Saturdays we are looking to fill are:
– 10/31
– 11/7
– 11/14
– 11/21
– 12/5
Watch for future communications as the CYBA Board of Directors will continue to work through the details.
Lastly, while the Central Cass policy change was the catalyst for the decision, it was only one of a handful of obstacles that were considered. This decision was that of the CYBA board and the CBYA board alone. The Central Cass administration has been great to work with and we thank them for their continued communication and support.
Thank you,
CYBA Board or Directors