3rd - 8th Grade League Player Information

Have Fun and Work Hard

The mission of CYBA is to expand basketball opportunities for the Casselton area youth and provide competitive basketball experiences that align with a player’s current skill level. We will seek to develop and promote the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and work ethic. We want you to have fun, work hard and develop a love for the game of basketball while enjoying the opportunity to be with friends and make new friends.

We Are Squirrels

Remember that we are 1 team with multiple divisions. Treat all of your teammates with respect and encouragement.  Squirrels are Squirrels even if they are Red, White or Black. Do not tease/bully/brag, but rather encourage all Squirrels to be the best they can be and to have fun playing basketball!


One weekly team practice and one weekly drill session practice.

Game Uniforms

Game uniforms are only to be worn for games. Do not wear them to practice (unless otherwise instructed to do so like Picture Day) or wear them to play outside.  Game uniforms will be turned in on the following the last FMYBL game of the season.  Any excessive damage to uniforms may result in cost to the parent to replace.  Please follow the care instructions on the inside label as failure to do so may result in peeling jerseys or other damage.

Practice Jerseys and Shooting Shirts

You should wear the practice jersey to every practice. Shooting shirts should be worn over top of the game uniform for game warm-ups.  Players keep practice jerseys and shooting shirts and are not returned at the end of the season.

Fair Playing Time

Coaches will follow the fair playing time guidance established by the CYBA committee. Our goal is to have equitable playing time for all kids but playing time may be affected by player attitude, effort and attendance.


Please remember the following when attending games or practices:

  1. Coaches are volunteers, not paid professionals.
  2. Referees vary in ability, make mistakes, but try their best. Just as some of you are just learning the games, some of the referees are early in their referee careers.  Without them, we couldn’t play the games.
  3. Treat your teammates and opponents as you would want to be treated.
  4. Fun is the number one priority. Yes, we want to improve and be successful, but primarily, we want to develop a love for basketball and enjoy the time with friends in a competitive environment.